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PeaceWork the Band is home based in Beverly, MA. Most of the players in PeaceWork are former members of the Warlocks and the nationally known Teddy and the Pandas.

If you were a teenager in the 60's and you lived in Eastern Massachusetts or in Southern NH, then you knew who they were and remember seeing them perform in a number of venues.

The current line up of players have been together for five years and have been performing as PeaceWork the Band since 2011. 

PeaceWork members (left to right ) Jim Collins (Lead Guitar), Don Moca (Vocals - Guitar - Harmonica), Bill "Sonny" Corelle (Bass Guitar, Vocals). Guy Cooper (Drums & Congas, Vocals), Ralph Cooper (Drums)

Who we have played with...

We say we are THE CLASSIC Rock and Roll Band for a reason.  We lived through the era's of the best Rock, from the sixties on, having the opportunity to open for and play with many of the best.  Our guys have shared the stage with the following....
The Rolling Stones
Chad and Jeremy
The Animals
Herman's Hermits
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
The Beach Boys
And many more.

PeaceWork Up Close

PeaceWork Trivia

Bill Corelle relates the story of the time when the he was opening for a well-known act when his bass guitar was stolen. To play that night, he had to borrow the bass from the other bass player - Chris Hillman of the Byrds!
Jim Collins began playing at the age of 10. He joined The Warlocks at age 15 opening for such bands as The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Herman's Hermits and Janis Joplin. While in the band Twelve-76 he opened for Aerosmith, Manfred Mann, Sly and the Family Stone and Paul Butterfield
As a member of Teddy and the Pandas Bill Corelle toured with The Beach Boys, The Dave Clark Five, The Lovin' Spoonful, and Paul Revere & The Raiders, and was also part of Gene Pitney's 1966 tour.

 DOCTOR FEELGOOD – Something To Take Up Time. Footprint Records FPR 29016. Originally issued in 1971.
Band members at the time : Dick Winters, Ralph Cooper, Bill Corelle, and Paul Rivers. Doctor Feelgood evolved out of Boston’s North Shore music scene of the early 60s with Cooper, Corelle, and Winters having played in the rock band The Sensations.
Later that band evolved into Teddy And The Pandas issuing a few singles on Musicor and eventually signing to Capitol’s Tower label for one album. In 1969 Billy Corelle along with Paul Rivers split from the Pandas and joined forces with Dick Winters, Ralph Cooper to form Doctor Feelgood. You can still find and purchase this album on eBay or Amazon.

Just A Note:  Ralph Cooper started taking drum lessons at age 11 from Hank Weiner.  Got his first kit at 16 and began practicing with "Friends" in the garage at 18 Amherst Road.  With Bill Corelle, Al Lawrence, Joe Daly, and for a while, a sax player friend John Serrentino, they became the Sensations - one of the first, if not the first, North Shore Garage Bands.  Some of the first gigs they did were in Manchester by the Sea and it was at one of these gigs that Ted Dewart saw them and fresh from Prep School, decided to join and add his significant song writing ability and Guitar playing.  Soon after, they solidified aned renamed themselves Teddy and the Pandas.
Ralph left to pursue an Engineering degree at Northeastern (where he became friends with Jay Geils, also an engineering student at the time) while he was replaced by Jerry Lebreque.  The Pandas went on to become a top New England National Band.  They are their own success story.  We all know what happend to Jay Geils.  Note that on his first album, two of the hits were "First I look at the Purse" and "House Party", two arrangements he borrowed from the Warlocks.
Ralph Went on to join Ray Moran, Don Moca, Dennis Vandi, and Jim Collins to form the beginning of the Warlocks.  Don Moca and Dennis Vandi left to join the service as the Vietnam War took many young men away.  Dick Winters, coming back from a long gig in Florida, joined the band as lead singer and Rich Audette as Keyboard player.  For years, this band had huge local success playing throughout New England.
Eventually, the band broke up, but so did the Pandas, and from the pieces, Dick Winters, Cooper, Bill Corelle, and Paul Rivers (Guitar) formed Dr. Feelgood (see above) the Blues/Funk band that developed a loyal following during the late sixties, early seventies.
Nothing is forever, and eventually, Feelgood members went their way.
However, thanks to the efforts of local musician, ex- bass player for the Monks and friend of the late Brad Delp, Steve Frary, a call went out to "get the band back together" for a reunion gig of the Pandas, the Warlocks, and local group 97 North at the venerable Vittorri Rocci Post, site of years of memorable dances held several times a week in the summer and weekends during the winter by the Warlocks.  On the night of the gig, folks looking to relive memories of their youth lined up around the block to attend.  After the gig, it seemed a shame not to keep things going, so Bill Corelle, Ralph Cooper, Don Moca, Dennis Vandi, and Jim Collins decided to do just that.  Evan Cooper, Ralph's son, and Guy Cooper, brother of Ralph, added to the Percussion section, and Sarah Durkin also joined with her voice and Keyboard talents.
Since the start, Evan has gone off to the Army, Sarah went back to school, and Dennis retired to Maine leaving the core of the band.  We took on the name of PeaceWork and here we are, practicing some fifty years later in the same garage where we started, and enjoying the playing just as much.
I guess we can say "what goes around does come around".
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